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The Didgeridoo Man didgeridoo stand
These specialized stands can be supplied through our wholesale costumers.


The Didgeridoo Man Item and Price List

*** To see a photo of the item, click on the description and a photo will pop up ***
Painted Didgeridoos  
Emu Caller Emu Caller 18.00
Emu Caller Emu Caller Painted 32.00
DD 40 cm Didgeri Don't 40 cm 49.00
DD 60 cm Didgeri Don't 60 cm 58.00
P Minis Painted Mini Didgeridoos 85cm 99.00
DPS Didgeridoo Painted Small 1mtr to 1.1 160.00
DPM Didgeridoo Painted Medium 1.2mtr 190.00
DPL Didgeridoo Painted Large 1.3 245.00
LBDFP Large Bell Didgeridoo Flared Painted 336.00
LBDP B1 Large Bell Didgeridoo Painted B1 488.00
LBDPB3 Large Bell Didgeridoo Painted B3 556.00
LBDP BM Large Bell Didgeridoo Painted BM 655.00
Natural Didgeridoos
N Minis Natural Mini Didgeridoo 85 cm 60.00
NS Natural Small Didgeridoo 1 mtr 90.00
NM Natural Medium Didgeridoo 1.2 mtr 110.00
NL Natural Large Didgeridoo 1.3 mtr 120.00
NXL Natural Extra Large 1.5 to 1.6 140.00
NBWF Natural Bloodwood Flare 199.00
NBWB1 Natural Bloodwood Bell B1 299.00
NBWBB3 Natural Bloodwood Bell B3 360.00
NBWBBM Natural Bloodwood Bell BM 450.00
WGL Wood Grain Large 160.00
NWGBB Natural Wood Grain Bark Bottom 180.00
Signature Series
SBBLC Susan Betts Bell Large Collectable 545.00
UBBLC Uncle Barn Bell Large 700.00
DHPF David Hudson Painted Flare 375.00
GJBL Jon Blak Large 260.00
GRKL Kapivi 260.00
GRPL Rosie Large 260.00
DD Double Didgeridoo Collectable 400.00
BH Bill Harney 300.00
FL Franki Li 380.00
MC Mitchell Chilli 500.00
BK Book How to Play 6.50
Bull Bull Roarer Painted 47.00
CS Clap Sticks Mulga 50.00
CS Clap Sticks Painted 65.00
Video F Video How to Play French 35.00
Video G Video How to Play German 35.00
Video USA Video How to Play NTSC 35.00
Video PAL Video How to Play Pal 35.00
L Bag Large Didgeridoo Bag 70.00
Collectable  Accessories  
Bull R Bull Roarer 70.00
K B Killer Boomerang 65.00
C B B Come Back Boomerang 55.00
H B M Hunting Boomerang Mulga 60.00
H B E Hunting Boomerang Eagle 160.00
B W S Bees Wax Blocks 8.00
Corporate Gifts  
FSP1 Framed Silk Prints 1 490.00
FSP2 Framed Silk Prints 2 490.00
MP Matted Prints 202.00
FS Fighting Shields 440.00
C Coolamon's 300.00
NB14 Natural Boomerangs 14" 28.00
CHP35 Canvas Hand Painted 25 X 25 cm 56.00
CHP35 Canvas Hand Painted 35 X 35 cm 97.00
CHP45 Canvas Hand Painted 45 X 35cm 154.00
TCP3 Terracotta Plate 3" 20.00
TCP4 Terracotta Plate 4" 23.00
TCP6 Terracotta Plate 6" 28.00
TCP8 Terracotta Plate 8" 30.00
BBDP Boomerangs Burnt and Dot Painted 54.00
EGHP Emu Egg Hand Painted 50.00
SC1.5 Scarves 1.5 meter 91.00
SC2.00 Scarves 2 meter 123.00
SH2.5 Shawls 2.5 meter 542.00
SHF Stockman's Hall of Fame 80.00
MSR The Man from Snowy River 80.00
CO Clancy of the Overflow 80.00
Size of Didgeridoo bells, flares and other details
NBWF - Natural Bloodwood Flare - 8 to 10 cm
NBWB - B1 Natural Bloodwood Bell - 10 to 12 cm

NBWB - B3 Natural Bloodwood Bell B3 - 12 to 14 cm
NBWB M - Natural Bloodwood Bell Instrument - 14 to 17 cm plus

Terms of Trade: Freight On Board prices stated. All stock must be paid for prior to leaving warehouse unless arrangements have been made.

All Stock Remains The Property of THE DIDGERIDOO MAN Until Paid For In Full.


Attention international wholesalers
The Didgeridoo Man is seeking to extend its wholesaling business through international distributors.
We travel internationally and may be available to meet with you.

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