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About Us...
We have a workshop in Yass in the Australian ‘First State’ of New South Wales. Yass is about a three and a half hour drive south of Sydney. All our didgeridoos are handmade on site by myself, my wife and a small but talented staff. The quality of our didgeridoos is world-class. They are made for professionals, amateurs and novices who would like to master the art of playing this beautiful and unusual instrument. In addition, we produce didgeridoos for those who appreciate them solely for their decorative qualities and beauty of workmanship. All of the didgeridoos we produce are made from wood we collect from the Australian bush in an
way and in accordance with our forestry licence.

Professional musicians appreciate the range and quality of the tones and keys our didgeridoos produce. Our didgeridoos are played by well known professionals such as David Hudson, Quinto Carlarco, Mike Edwards and many others. In particular, we pride ourselves on the fact that Indigenous Australians are involved in the development process and that Indigenous musicians also buy our instruments. The Didgeridoo Man's didgeridoos are known around the world and are exported to numerous countries. We take pride in utilising our specialised skills to produce these beautiful instruments.

For more information about us, please read this article.

Attention international wholesalers
The Didgeridoo Man is seeking to extend its wholesaling business through international distributors.
We travel internationally and may be available to meet with you.

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