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Photo Album for the Joshua Tree Didge Fest 2002 in California, USA.

Joshua Tree Didge Fest 2002

Didge Fest 2002, Trip Story by Darryl Anderson click here.

Huell Howser, the host from TV's California's Gold came and filmed parts of the festival on Saturday.

From left to right, Huell Howser with event organiser Graham Doe and cameraman Cameron Mitchell Tucker.

Darryl Anderson greeting Huell Howser from Californian Gold with a good Australian G'day. Graham Doe the event organiser is on the right.
I thought I’d bring an Australian flag to the Didge Festival. I hung it up high with the American flag.
The Joshua Tree campground and the amazing landscape of the high desert country in California. The campground was empty when we first arrived to set up the festival.
Some of the booths at the festival
A Native American in The Didgeridoo Store tent trying out some didgeridoos. Some of the Native Americans would play the didgeridoo and the Native American flutes together. It was the first time that I heard the Native American flute and I liked its haunting sound very much. The two instruments sounded very good together.
The guy on the right is holding one of the Native American flutes.
Ben Hicks and myself in his Hicks Sticks Tent. He had bought some of my didgeridoos in Sydney.
Some colourful tents at the festival. That is one long didgeridoo in the picture! Wow!
The ‘Illuminated Fools’. This bunch travelled around America in their sixties-style bus. They had some amazing puppets that were 12-14 feet tall. They also let me ride one of their bikes, which was twice the height of a normal bike. These guys do everything differently!
Some of the Illuminated Fools making and selling their masks.
Stephen Kent, famous didgeridoo player and instructor. He gave classes at the festival. Stephen’s classes focus on ‘powerising’ your technique and playing complex rhythms with confidence.
Some people making didgeridoos from local Yucca and Agave wood.
Barry and Mark and Myself in the LA Outback tent.
Barry and Mark from LA Outback and myself inside the store at Laguna Beach. Take a look at all the Australian gear in the background.
Marko Johnson, didgeridoo maker, player and teacher. He is testing out a didgeridoo on the left hand side of the picture.
On the left is Don Lombardo. He will give you the best Thai Massage you have ever had. He is a certified massage therapist.
This is where I found one of the former Ansett employees. Chris is now working for JAVAGOGO.
Barnett from JAVAGOGO.
Unmasked, Chris and Barnett.
La Outback in Laguna Beach. The didgeridoos and store look great.
Left to right, Eva and Eddy Halat from Germany who make didgeridoos and knives. Barry Martin on the right.
The Didgeridoo Store in Fullerton, Owned by Grahme and Trish Doe, the event organisers.
Geoff and Pam Frost. Geoff produces custom-made yucca and agave didgeridoos.
John Villa, didgeridoo player.
I had a dramatic end to my trip, just a few hours before I was flying out of LA. I decided to go and see Barry and Mark at LA OUTBACK in Laguna Beach. I was sitting down eating lunch when all hell broke loose. Some had tried to rob the herb shop in the background. There were about 20 - 30 shots fired, an officer and a sales clerk were wounded and the robber ended up dead. I was one of the first people at the scene with a camera.

This was the scene outside the herb shop just minutes after the ordeal.

Didge Fest 2002 Trip Story by Darryl Anderson

On Tuesday 15th of October I left Australia to go to the Joshua Tree Didgeridoo festival in the high desert country of California. On my arrival in Los Angeles I met Graham and Trish Doe at LAX Airport. We went to work straight away. We rented a RV and headed to The Didgeridoo Store in Fullerton. We packed a lot of the gear into the RV and also loaded Graham's van full of didgidoos for the festival. Grahme and Trish were the event organisers and my help was going to be important over the next week because he was running the festival for the weekend. We arrived at the festival grounds at 12.00 midnight and by then I was completely exhausted from travelling. I dropped my ‘swag’, a type of roll up bed that Australians use for camping, out on the ground. Graham and Trish were quite taken by this and insisted I sleep inside. “What about the scorpions and rattle snakes and all the critters,” they asked. I replied, “I’m so tired, I won’t feel a thing.” So off to sleep I went. A few hours later it was daylight and the tent hire companies arrived to pitch all the tents and marquees. We organised our booths that night and the next morning and on Thursday people started arriving in droves. They included David Blonski, Stephen Kent and Lewis Burns from Dubbo, Australia. Many other vendors like my good customers from LA Outback In Laguna Beach and JAVAGOGO Coffee Bar also came. On Friday, the festival started with live concerts and walking hikes to the Joshua Tree National Park, which I missed because I was in the booth most of the time for ‘The Didgeridoo Store’. I didn’t mind because I was to be able to meet people from all over America. I met some Native Americans that play both the didgeridoo and Native American flutes. It was the first time I’d heard the Native American flute and I was very impressed by its haunting sound. The didgeridoo and the Native American flute sounded very good together. On Saturday, there was another great concert. The weather in the desert was hot during the day and the nights were cool, almost cold. On Sunday, the festival slowed a little and by Sunday night we were all done for, so we headed for the INTEGRATRON. I must admit I went to sleep downstairs and did enjoy the experience. Like all festivals and shows, Monday morning comes around and most of the people are gone so the grounds seem lonely and quiet. It was time to pack and head back to LA. On our way back, we stopped at Palms Springs for a hot dip in the Desert Hot Springs Spa Hotel. This was a wonderful and relaxing end to a busy week in the Californian desert. We met up with some of the players and the Illuminated Fools. What a blast they were! We arrived back in LA at around midnight again. I drove the RV van from Yuuca Valley. This was also an interesting adventure. Night driving a 26-foot left hand drive RV through Los Angeles is not the easiest thing for an Australian to do. Tuesday came around all too soon. We were up and unpacking and sorting all day until we got to bed at 10pm. Wednesday was my last day in LA so I decided to hire a car and go and see Barry and Mark at LA OUTBACK in Laguna Beach. I’d heard that Laguna Beach was a really nice part of California. On my arrival ,my first impressions were great. I met Barry and Mark and checked out their store. The didgeridoos and the store looked great. We decided to have lunch down the street. I’m not sure if we finished lunch before the shooting started, but we heard two shots then all hell broke loose with about 20 to 30 more gun shots. I left my camera bag and money on the street when all the shooting started and headed straight inside a building. Remembering my bag I realised I had my camera so I headed up the street to get some photos and see what had happened. After the shooting stooped I headed up the street. Realising I was the first on the scene with a camera I started taking close-up photos with my zoom lens. I got some gruesome shots, including a couple of a dead robber. It seems that a young male was trying to rob a Herb store, shooting the store clerk in the process. In the end, an officer and the clerk were wounded and the robber was shot dead. It was a shocking end to my trip.

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